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Sahan Jayatillake, CBP

Originally from Sri Lanka, Sahan and his family moved to Australia in 1990 when he was thirteen years old.

Sahan’s rich and varied background and daily observations have always inspired his work and life. From an exuberant childhood in Sri Lanka, through to exciting Melbourne, to the scenic beauty of Western Australia, his travels through Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, his studies in science, dance, and art, and various business ventures, and voluntary work in youth development to costuming to choreography and staging for performances overseas and in Australia.

He had a multi-faith upbringing for over 30 years. He explored different religions and value systems and practised meditation and focusing techniques. Integrating these with his love of healing, philosophy, and the sciences, he was able to broaden his grasp of Consciousness and the human condition.

In 2015, a lifetime of business, creativity, science and spirituality crossed paths with The BodyTalk® System. It was an easy transition. Intensive studies and examinations followed to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Sahan runs his home-based private practice from Perth, Western Australia with distance sessions given worldwide.

Clients come to better manage many aspects of health and life: including daily stress, emotions, trauma, depression, infections, allergies and intolerances, musculoskeletal problems, circulatory problems, neurological disorders, sleep disorders, cancer, recovery from stroke, urogenital and reproductive issues — and specific stresses and aspirations related to relationships, family issues, sexuality, career, business, life goals, and finances.

Sahan has specialised BodyTalk training in, and accordingly a strong session focus on, Epigenetics, the Human Microbiome, the Three-brain (head, heart and gut) Complex, and Soul work. Sahan also specialises in The BodyTalk® System’s Veltheim Method for Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD)  a pre-lymphatic technique to provide energetic support for the lymphatic system.

At the core of what Sahan does, there is integrity, sensitivity, and precision. His naturally intuitive, perceptive, and jovial nature is liked by his clients and complements his work as a BodyTalk Practitioner perfectly.

Looking Ahead

Sahan is committed to continuing education in The BodyTalk® System. In January 2020, he began PaRama BodyTalk the master’s level for the BodyTalk system.

Since 2015, he has persistently focussed on the colossal task of learning every aspect of BodyTalk, systematically completing existing advanced modules, while also learning newly developed specialised modules to stay up to date with innovative BodyTalk strategies underpinned by the latest scientific findings.

Sahan has trained with The BodyTalk® System’s Founder, Dr John Veltheim (USA) and Certified BodyTalk Instructors, Dr Laura Stuvé (USA), Dr Claudia Schembri-Heitmann (Germany), Dr Kerry D’Ambrogio (USA), Dr Tracey Clark (Canada), Esther Veltheim (Germany), Wilma Grobbelaar (Australia), Tim Hall (USA), Sufen Paphassarang (Singapore), Andy Spencer (United Kindom), Ben Manalo (USA), Morag Bromfield (South Africa), and Dale Fox (South Africa).

With a passion for teaching, he intends to become a Certified BodyTalk Instructor to train new practitioners and to teach BodyTalk Access through the Access Outreach program in communities where health care is not readily available.

He plans to bring BodyTalk sessions to the military, war veterans, and their families. BodyTalk is very powerful in addressing PTSD, and physical trauma, and accelerating the healing of severe injuries. There is a genuine need for such therapies the world over.

For example, in the United States [ref: article 1], a “2004 survey of military members and families found 81% who reported using nonconventional modalities, and 69% of respondents desiring more Integrative Medicine options within the Military Health System (MHS).” [ref: article 2]


STUDIED ASPECTS OF | Biotechnology and Genetics, Murdoch University, WA | Fashion Design and Manufacture, West Australian Institute of Fashion | Business Management and Marketing, Curtin University, WA | USANA Health Sciences, Australia NZ | Dance: Sri Lankan, South Indian, Ballet, Latin American | The BodyTalk System, International BodyTalk Association and PaRama Campus

VENTURES | Proprietor of Star and Moss: Furniture and Homewares | Proprietor and Designer of Brilliano Designs: Graphic Design | Founder, Teacher and Artistic Director of Hansa Dance, Western Australia | Independent Associate, USANA Health Sciences

VOLUNTEER | Leadership roles, Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO), WA | Dance Director, Sathya Sai Institute of Performing Arts, Asia and Oceania | Director and Co-Producer, “From the Beginning of Time” (2003), Crown Theatre, Perth, under the auspices of the SSIO, Australia and PNG

SKILLS | Traditional and contemporary dance | Graphic design for screen and print | Renovating, landscape design and interior design | Special event stationery, decor and design | Costuming, choreography and staging, props and set design for performances | Creative writing and copywriting | Leadership and project management

LOVES | Art, photography, science, design, animals, travel, nature, running with Annabelle the Labradoodle, food, cooking, literature, aeroplanes and flying, cars, mechanical engineering, fashion, interior design, architecture, gardening, philosophy, meditation, spirituality, education, YouTube and Netflix.

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