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BodyTalk Sessions for Animals

BodyTalk Practitioners who have been working with animals, invariably report that animals usually respond to the BodyTalk sessions even more dramatically than humans. Like any other living organism, animals, both domesticated and wild, are vulnerable to stress. As it is with human beings, exposure to stress can lead to disease and malfunction within an animal’s body.

The understanding that animals deserve their own type of BodyTalk inspired the evolution of BodyTalk for Animals: The benefits of BodyTalk especially designed for animals. Based on the same principles as BodyTalk for humans, BodyTalk for Animals works towards establishing a good overall balance within an animal’s body. The focus is to synchronise the animal’s energy systems to support fluid communication between the various parts of the body. A body that is in a better state of balance is less vulnerable to disease.

A revised BodyTalk for Animals training program was recently completed by The International BodyTalk Association — An update to the hugely successful program that has been in use for over a decade. There is also an updated certification program to become a CBP-A: Certified BodyTalk Practitioner for Animals. Sahan aims to complete this specialist training and accreditation by 2026.

In the interim, Sahan conducts BodyTalk sessions for animals using core BodyTalk principles and techniques that apply to all living organisms. His sessions so far for animals, including the sessions he has done for his rescue dog Annabelle, have produced the same extraordinary results as he has had with humans.

BodyTalk sessions for animals can be used for domestic animals, farm animals and wild animals alike. The sessions are done by short-distance or long-distance, often through the owner or guardian serving as a surrogate. This means, little to no hands-on contact with the animal, thus making it unintrusive and tranquil for the animal, and safe for the practitioner.

Sessions for pets can be quite complex. Pets who live side by side with their human family tend to tune in to the stresses and troubles of the family members. Dogs, in particular, who are naturally very loyal to their family, seem to take on the family’s troubled and unsettled energy in a bid to help neutralise it on their behalf. What can follow is illness and disease in the pet.

In light of this, it may be beneficial for family members to receive BodyTalk Sessions or BodyTalk Family Matrix Sessions to help balance their health and the overall dynamics of the family.

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Short-distance surrogate sessions are always enjoyable, especially when the practitioner gets to meet your animal in person. However, bringing an animal to the clinic is not practical at this stage due to several reasons.

Options 1: The most common method for BodyTalk sessions for animals is a clinic+distance session where you will serve as a surrogate at the clinic while your animal is at their usual location under the supervision of someone you know. Having a person there with the animal will ensure that they are cared for if they need water, need to move around, go outside, or if their behaviour changes. Animals often respond in this way when energy begins to shift in their body.

Options 2: A distance session, where you and your animal are together at your location, and the session is carried out remotely by Sahan from the clinic. This type of distance session is ideal when you are not able to travel to the clinic, or your animal is gravely ill, and you need to remain with them. The session is not conducted via live video or phone call. As with BodyTalk Distance Sessions for humans, the notes from the session will be sent to you afterwards.

The principles that apply to BodyTalk sessions for humans, also apply to animals. The BodyTalk® System does not prescribe a set number of sessions. At the end of the session, the animal’s body will be consulted (through the surrogate) and asked when, ideally, the next session should be. It is entirely up to you if and when you would like another session.

Rates indicated on this website are per session, not per hour. Sessions are scheduled for up to 50 minutes. On average, they take around 45 minutes, depending on the client’s state of health and how quickly the client’s body assimilate the information and process the changes made during the session. 

The length of the session is not indicative of the quality or complexity of the session as the client’s body decides exactly what it needs and can handle. In this way, they are sure to receive the care that is most appropriate for them.

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BodyTalk Session for an Animal

$110per session
  • Rates are per session, not per hour. Sessions are scheduled for up to 50 minutes. On average they take around 45 minutes.

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BodyTalk is not a modality for diagnosing or treating specific elements. However, clinical experience has shown that once the body’s overall systems are balanced through BodyTalk, clients have exhibited significant improvement in many areas of health. The work of the BodyTalk Practitioner is intended to complement working with your medical doctor – not replace it.

The BodyTalk Practitioner does not diagnose a disease or perform massage, manipulations, adjustments, or needling/injections. The BodyTalk Practitioner does not prescribe diets, herbs, supplements or medications, or provide any other service, procedure, or therapy which requires a license to practice, such as chiropractic, osteopathy, physical therapy, podiatry, orthopaedics, psychotherapy, acupuncture, dermatology, cosmetology, or any other profession or branch of medicine and healthcare unless specifically licensed to do so.

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