The BodyTalk® Approach

BodyTalk® is an astonishingly simple, safe and effective form of therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronised so that they can operate as nature intended.

Once the body’s overall systems are balanced through BodyTalk, clients have shown significant improvements in many areas of their health.

Our body is a dynamic, interactive and interdependent network of energy systems, consciousness, and physical function. Science has also demonstrated that our body is composed of many forms of energy operating at different frequencies: from the low frequencies of dense bones, muscles, and fluids to the high-frequency nerve impulses, emotions, and thoughts. 

Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, these energy networks and the communication between the body’s cells, systems, and atoms become compromised, leading to a decline in physical, emotional or mental well-being.

The work of the BodyTalk Practitioner is to help re-establish healthy connections, enhance communication and synchronise the energy networks of the body at all levels. BodyTalk’s comprehensive system of gentle and non-invasive techniques is designed to help the body unlearn the habits, beliefs, biochemical pathways and postural patterns that are restricting its healthy functioning.

Each BodyTalk Session aims to bring a person into a better state of balance: This has been shown to optimise the performance of the bodymind, help prevent disease and rapidly accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal itself from a multitude of problems, conditions, illnesses, and diseases.


BodyTalk is a Consciousness-based health care system. This means that it acknowledges the body’s inborn intelligence (the body’s not yet fully understood states of consciousness or awareness) can be accessed through a process of neuromuscular biofeedback and trained, structured intuition to guide the practitioner toward the best combinations of techniques to use during a BodyTalk session.


BodyTalk seeks to address the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Nothing is overlooked, be it physical, mental, emotional, environmental or spiritual. By seeing the whole person and taking into account their whole story, BodyTalk reveals the true underlying, often hidden, causes of disease. By drawing upon all such factors, BodyTalk establishes a personalised approach to health care that brings about lasting changes.

Beyond Physical

The BodyTalk® System is a powerful tool in the field of personal and spiritual development. The body is balanced biochemically, physiologically and emotionally while addressing specific beliefs and attitudes. Therefore, the results stretch far beyond the physical.

Clients experience changes in the way they relate to others, as well as the relationships they have with friends and family. Many find new jobs or improvements within the work they are currently doing and also notice an increase in the overall wellness and real happiness they experience daily.

Science and Philosophy

BodyTalk’s state-of-the-art multidisciplinary approach to integrative mind-body medicine combines Western medicine’s scientifically supported research in fields such as neuroscience, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology with highly recognised ancient and modern healing principles, such as traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, yoga and meditation philosophies, chiropractic, consciousness studies, and energy psychology.

The BodyTalk® System also uses concepts from the fields of engineering, information science, information management, and dynamic systems theory, as well as advanced topics in mathematics and quantum physics. Although these fields may not seem to have an obvious connection to the healing processes of the body-mind, they are an integral part of how the BodyTalk Practitioner uses neuromuscular biofeedback to quickly and easily gather relevant information from their client’s body for the BodyTalk session.

Integrative and Complimentary

BodyTalk can be a standalone system to treat many health problems, or it can seamlessly integrate into all health care regimens to increase their overall effectiveness and promote faster healing.

BodyTalk recognises that each system of health care and each practitioner have unique knowledge and skillset that help create a complete approach to health and wellbeing. As such, clients are referred to another health care practitioner or field of health care when necessary, be it an Eastern, Western, traditional, alternative or indigenous system of medicine.

Gentle, Safe and Effective

BodyTalk’s assets are its simplicity, safety and the speed of its results. The BodyTalk® System is entirely safe in every case, and there are no contraindications to its use. Even if a BodyTalk technique is performed incorrectly, it simply means that there will be no result or change. It will not make things worse.

BodyTalk is non-invasive and objective in the application and works effectively on humans and animals alike. No diagnosis is given, and no medications or supplements are prescribed or imposed on the client. The BodyTalk® System provides low-cost preventive care, reduces hospital stays and lowers the cost of drug use by stimulating the body to heal faster.

Helping you find a better balance